The New Zealand Shooting Victims Spanned Generations and Nationalities

The New Zealand Shooting Victims Spanned Generations and Nationalities

Ashraf al-Masri had two young children and worked in a shop, according to Stuff. His age was not reported.

Hussein Moustafa, 70, was originally from Egypt, according to Stuff. “He loved the mosque, he loved tidying it, he loved nourishing it and he was always a welcoming face there,” his daughter-in-law, Nada Tawfeek, told the news site.

Mounir Soliman, 68, had been a design engineer and quality manager at Scotts Engineering in Christchurch since 1997, according to Stuff. He was a “lovely man,” said a spokeswoman for the company, Glenda Hillstead. He was married and had no children.

Zeeshan Raza, 38, a mechanical engineer, moved to New Zealand last year from Karachi, Pakistan, Stuff reported. He and his parents were killed at the Linwood mosque.

Mr. Raza’s father, Ghulam Hussain, was in his 60s, Stuff reported. He and his wife, Karam Bibi, came to New Zealand last month to visit their son.

Ms. Bibi was also in her 60s, according to Stuff. She and Mr. Hussain are survived by a daughter.

Abdukadir Elmi, 78, came to New Zealand with his family about 10 years ago, Stuff reported. In a Facebook post, his son, Said Abdukadir, said he was “a giant among his community,” generally known as Sheikh Abdukadir. “Kids would run to grab his chair when they hear the noise of his cane hitting against ground upon his entrance,” he wrote. He is survived by five sons, four daughters and his wife of nearly 50 years, according to Stuff.

Mohsin Al Harbi had lived for 25 years in New Zealand, where he worked in water desalination. After the shooting, his wife, Manal, was hospitalized with a heart attack while searching for him, Stuff reported.

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