Nigel Farage, on Brexit Sidelines, Prepares for a ‘Another Great Battle’

Nigel Farage, on Brexit Sidelines, Prepares for a ‘Another Great Battle’

“I said, ‘Look, you should use my fame and notoriety. I’m very happy to travel all around Europe to places where they produce wine, make chocolate, BMWs, to really try to get a public, a business campaign going in Europe to explain to them: Put pressure on your leaders put pressure on your parliaments.’ ”

As for Mrs. May, who has won some plaudits for her durability and persistence, Mr. Farage acknowledges she has staying power.

“You have to admire her limpid-like stickability, you have to admire that,” he said, though it quickly emerges that he does not admire it. “She’s not just the worst prime minister I have seen in my lifetime, she’s the most duplicitous,” he said.

It is time for Mr. Farage’s Fox TV interview. This is not his first of the day, as he was in a studio at 3.30 a.m., leaving him with just two hours sleep. Nowadays, much of his routine is dictated by broadcasting schedules, and he hosts a radio show five days a week.

In the taxi on the way to the studio, Mr. Farage says he fears that a defeat for Mrs. May’s deal could lead to a second Brexit referendum, rather than the “no deal” departure that he would prefer. He puts the chances that Britain’s exit will be postponed at about half, a result that could be a “shocking betrayal that leads to very great anger.”

That, he said, might be the one thing that draws him back into the fray. “If Brexit is completely betrayed, or we face a second referendum or whatever, it may be I’ll be out there fighting hard.”

In fact, Mr. Farage sounds like he would almost welcome another vote on Brexit, for which contingency planning is underway. “In the end, we’re going to get there, don’t worry,” he said. “We may have another great battle to fight, we may.”

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